NVR’s solution for audit control – Launched Q1 2021

Briefly about AudiThor

AudiThor is a service that facilitates your review work regarding the client company’s management, more specifically the client company’s statutory responsibility to keep a correct share register in accordance with the Swedish Companies Act’s ’requirements’.

  • AudiThor gives you, as an auditor, automatic access to all limited companies that you must review. This way, both you and the companies can save a lot of time. Instead of spending time annually asking for and collecting updated copies of the companies’ share books, you can easily find what you need in logged-in mode.
  • But it is not only a saving of time in the actual collection of the information, AudiThor also facilitates the actual review work. Instead of a variety of difficult-to-interpret formats, you will find stock books in a standardized easy-to-understand format. All changes are traceable and you know that there is only ONE digital share register. Share books kept in Word or Excel often tend to either disappear or are available in many different versions!
  • AudiThor also makes it easier for the auditing firm’s KYC, as AudiThor gives you access to more detailed ownership information than a simple call about a real principal

By logging in with Bankid on, all limited companies that are to be audited will be listed. It will then be clear which of these companies have a digital share register and which still do not. It is also easy to export and save pdf prints. By upgrading to AudiThor premium, you can also easily distribute proxies to your assistants, who can then quickly and efficiently collect information for further control.

In the basic version, AudiThor is a free service, which becomes more and more valuable to you the more of your companies that have digital share books. Launched Q1 2021.

The agency's share register should also be digital