Custody account for you as an investor

Simple portfolio management – Completely free for those who invest in unlisted limited companies

Overview of holdings

At, which is also owned and operated by Reguity Group, you will find your personal securities depository. VPZ is a service that is free for you who are an investor. It shows a summary of the unlisted assets that you own. You will be able to see your shares, options and other securities or rights in the limited companies that have chosen to keep a record of their securities with one of the share register services that Reguity Group owns and operates.

If you know that you are a partner in more unlisted limited companies than what is shown in your depository, it may be due to:

  1. The company has not yet activated the shareholder service – contact the company and ask them to activate the shareholder service.
  2. The company does not yet keep its share register or option book in NVR – contact the company and encourage them to choose NVR’s services for issuer companies!
  3. Do you own your shares through your own company? You can authorize yourself to see the company’s depot via the heading ”Overview” and the drop-down menu ”Depot” and ”Add account”. For your safety, an authorization check will be made against the Swedish Companies Registration Office. You also have the opportunity to distribute more proxies to natural persons who will have access to the owner company’s share depot.


In your custody account you can receive notifications from the companies in which you are a partner. It can be financial reports, good news that the company wants to share with you about or perhaps a call to an upcoming meeting or other activity.

You will also be automatically notified of any changes that in any way affect your holdings – e.g. new holding that is registered on you or shares that you are allotted through division / split.

In the same way, you will be automatically notified as soon as new documents have been sent to your depot.

How you choose to be notified, e.g. e-mail or SMS, you can set under My settings.


The companies in which you are a partner also have the opportunity to send documents that will be directly available in your share depot. As soon as they have sent a document for your consideration, you will be notified of this and asked to log in to your depot to take part in the information.


In your custody account you will not only find an overview of current securities holdings, but you can also see all historical transactions in which you have been involved. This also applies to holdings in companies in which you are no longer a partner.

This way, you get your personal investment history gathered in one place. It helps you to get an overview and to remember which transactions you must report to the Swedish Tax Agency, using K10 or K12 forms. Please note that unlike listed securities holdings, Reguity does not automatically report to the Swedish Tax Agency.

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