Equity made simple – A complete financing solution for limited companies

Automates all formalities and opens a channel for marketing.
FundRacer is a complete and revolutionary effective solution for companies that are to issue new securities such as shares, options, convertibles, bonds or other derivatives. Whether you are offering an offer to subscribe for employee stock options to a handful of employees, a new issue of shares to existing owners or a rights issue to many new investors (crowdfunding or so-called preIPO), you will encounter the same problem:
  • subscription forms must be created
  • the entire drawing process must be handled – incl. exposure, collection of subscription applications, allocation, reminders
  • settlement notes shall be drawn up and sent out
  • you should answer questions from those who sign ”when, where, how do I get my securities?”
  • last but not least, all information must be entered in the share register, derivative register or debt register. This must be done correctly and without typos and in accordance with current legislation
All this and a little more, you will automatically get help with, if you use FundRacer for your next new issue. Regardless of whether an issue offer is directed to a single new investor in a seed round, you carry out your own spread issue to hundreds of new investors, or if the issue takes place in collaboration with a crowdfunding operator or stockbroker, FundRacer will help you save time and money.

Financing solutions for your company

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Full traceability in all steps of the process

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Automated processes in real time

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You have total control over who can participate

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Bankid or two-factor authentication and encrypted cloud servers

This is FundRacer

FundRacer is a service that in a very efficient way facilitates the process when investors have to subscribe for newly issued securities. FundRacer primarily consists of two cooperating parts. A part that in an automated way handles the entire issue process with subscription, communication and distribution of messages and securities. The second part is about visibility, i.e. which investors will be allowed to take part in the offer to subscribe.

It is also possible to only use FundRacer to expose a campaign or distribution issue. Subscription and distribution of securities is then handled by another party, e.g. stockbroker or crowdfunding operator.

Automated emission process

  • production of digital drawing forms
  • information about the issue takes place in collaboration with an issuing agent – stockbroker, issue institution, corporate finance company or crowdfunding operator
  • own presentation page including description and terms of the issue. The page has its own url and is made visible * on DealFlow
  • link to memorandum or other presentation material
  • drawing with e-signing (Bankid) or Reguity ID
  • automatic confirmation of received subscription notification, push notice and visible in the subscriber’s depot
  • automatic assignment or manual assignment
  • automatic distribution of subscription certificates, push notices and visible in the subscriber’s depot
  • automatic distribution of payment instructions and finally
  • automatic conversion to the issued security and updating of share register, option book or debt book. Obviously visible in the artist’s depot.

Emission Marketing – You determine the visibility of DealFlow

  1. Exclusively aimed at current owners of the same securities
  2. Exclusively aimed at one or more selected investors
  3. A combination of current owners and selected investors
  4. Anyone who has access to Reguity DealFlow and who is interested in this type of investment

Be sure to obtain a digital share ledger before the emission