Investor Relations

We make it easy for you to administer the company’s communications with its owners

Activate depots

When you who administer a company’s share register or derivative register have checked that the holdings are correct, you can make the holdings visible to the owners in our free custody service with the push of a button. If you have entered an e-mail and / or mobile number, you can also easily inform all your owners, directly from the service, that their holdings are now visible and available in our depot.

For the owners, there will be many benefits, such as visibility and transparency but also an experience of professionalism of the company.

For the issuer (the company), the custodian service creates a number of benefits:

  • owners can be automatically notified of changes
  • the company has the opportunity to communicate very cost-effectively with its owners
  • several of our services, such as FundRacer, assumes that the depots are activated
  • the company does not have to answer questions about different owners’ holdings, as they can see for themselves how many securities they own and when they were acquired

In short, the company saves time and costs, while showing that you are serious and professional.

Note! Owners with Swedish person / org numbers will identify themselves with Bankid, which will then be matched with the holdings where their person / org numbers are registered. If this information is missing, they will not be able to see their holdings. For foreign owners, who for natural reasons do not have both a Swedish personal identity number and Bankid, their holdings will be matched against a verified e-mail address and / or verified mobile numbers. Therefore, be careful when entering this information in the share register and derivative register, as it is necessary that it is correct for the custodian service to function smoothly.

Automatic notification

When you have registered a change in a share book or derivative book, a notification is automatically sent to the owner or owners affected by the change that they can see what has happened in their depository. In this way, the company contributes to increased transparency, while the company gives the owners the opportunity to react if there is an incorrect registration.

All that is needed is for the company to activate the depot service and make sure to inform its owners that they have a free depot waiting for them.

Message to share holders

With our Investor Relations service (IR service), the company can send messages to all owners who have activated their depots. Regardless of whether it is a notice of the Annual General Meeting, an invitation to a celebration, financial reports or that the company wants to tell you about a new deal, you can calmly formulate the message to the owners and then also send with attachments. Everything will be available for download in the depot service and they will be notified that there is new information to take part of.

In this way, the company avoids administering and maintaining separate email lists for mailing to the owners. Everything can be handled via the IR service.

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