MarketMaker – NVR’s secondary market solution – Launches in Q1 2021

Briefly about MarketMaker

With NVR’s MarketMaker, you can target offers to sell existing securities to others. Your motive for selling existing securities can be different, such as to spread the ownership of your company further or it may even be that you want to offer to give away shares for free.

It is also quite common for transactions to take place in so-called Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs), i.e. companies created for the purpose of owning shares in a target company. In these cases, it is then common for a subscription offer to take place in securities that have already been issued.

You have the opportunity to formulate targeted offers with all kinds of securities:

  • shares (stock, A, B, pref or other class of shares)
  • options (warrants, employee stock options)
  • warrents
  • bonds
  • convertibles

In an initial stage, secondary trading will only be permitted if this takes place in active cooperation between the issuer, i.e. the company that originally issued the security, and the owner or owners who intend to sell. You will also have the opportunity to state whether the offer is made in collaboration with established stockbrokers, issuers, corporate finance companies or crowdfunding operators. Planned launch Q1 2021.

A digital share ledger provides more secure transactions