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Interest in digital communication has increased in general and now it is also advancing in financial services. A very important area of application is to make it possible for shareholders to exercise their rights that come with the ownership itself. This, combined with the decline in shareholder presence that may be due to the Corona or Covid-19 pandemic, it is no surprise that interest in hybrid meetings has increased exponentially.

What can a hybrid general meeting mean for your company?

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See voting (in real time)

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Automatic reports and full transparency

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All Shareholders get the chance to participate regardless of geographical distance or due to the corona crisis

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BankID login and encrypted cloud servers

A digital share ledger helps your company maintain order

What is a Hybrid general meeting?

A hybrid general meeting is a cross between a physical and virtual meeting, which allows your shareholders to choose between attending the meeting’s physical location or being involved remotely from their smartphone, tablet or computer. This eliminates the need for everyone to be in one place and opens up the possibility for higher participation and engagement and ensures that all shareholders can exercise their rights.

Solutions for digital meetings will continue to increase in popularity as we continue our transition to a truly digital landscape as they promote innovation, inclusion and openness. We see that this service will be a natural complement even in a post Covid-19 community.

Why should my company organize a hybrid general meeting?

Giving shareholders equal opportunities to exercise the influence over the company that accompanies the shareholding is a matter of course. Regardless of whether difficulties arise due to physical distance to the company’s registered office, or difficulties that may be difficult to get time off from regular work to participate in an important vote at a meeting, the company has an obligation to work to ensure that as many shareholders as possible should be given the opportunity to attend the meeting. In times where social distancing is also advocated by authorities, it is even more important.

The principle of equal treatment is also about giving all shareholders an opportunity to exercise their rights, without certain people incurring unnecessary costs that are disproportionate to their holdings due to distance, age or other reasons. A hybrid AGM will save time and money for all shareholders.

How does it work?

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Order / order

Step 1: Determine the day and time for the meeting, and determine all meeting points. There are ready-made templates to use both for the Annual General Meeting and for the Extraordinary General Meeting. Finish by clicking ”create” to create an order for this service.

Step 2: Complete order / order. Confirmed by email to the administrator

Before the meeting

Step 1: Invite to hybrid meeting… e-mail with registration link is sent to all shareholders with a working e-mail address. The administrator can continuously follow who has registered their participation, and send reminders to those who have not yet registered.

Meeting day

Step 1: When the meeting is to start, the administrator clicks on the ”start the meeting” button. This means that no more meeting registrations are received. At the same moment, a ballot paper is also created which is sent out together with a link for voting forms to all registered participants. The meeting participants can vote for / against the board’s proposal.

Step 2: When the meeting ends, all voting procedures are stopped. A report is sent to the administrator where voting numbers are compiled for each decision point. The administrator can also see exactly how everyone has voted on all points.

Digitalize the share register before the meeting