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Nordiska Värdepappersregistret
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Reguity Group AB

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Johan Christensen

About NVR (Nordiska Värdepappersregistret)

Nordiska Värdepappersregistret (NVR) is an operator of securities register systems for primarily Nordic voucher companies, ie limited companies that are not record companies and are legally affiliated with a central securities register. NVR has been active since 2005 and is part of Reguity Group AB (publ).

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Nordiska Värdepappersregistret

Need help?

There are descriptions on NVR’s website so that you can reconstruct the history in your company’s share register if necessary. Read more here.

If you want to hire NVR for help with reconstruction and registration, we are happy to help. Contact us via e-mail: or via the form.