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    Briefly about Group Service

    NVR’s Group Service is a digital share register service for corporate groups, investment companies and other groups of companies that have a need for correct information about holdings and ownership information.

    With NVR’s Group Service, you ensure that all laws and regulations are complied with (compliance) throughout the Group, while you help the subsidiaries to create ”order and orderliness”. Regardless of whether you represent a business group or an investment company that has holdings in many unlisted companies, NVR’s Group Service is modern, efficient and time-saving.


    • Share register and ownership information available online 24/7 for both the Group parent and the subsidiary management
    • Different levels of authorization, including access for members and depots to all owners
    • NVR continuously monitors legal changes
    • Unlike Excel or another loose-leaf system, the share book is correct and it is not lost


    • Intuitive and user-friendly
    • Full traceability
    • Faster and more accurate registrations
      • Shares are numbered correctly
      • Control of issues, transactions, etc
      • All different types of shares
      • All possible corporate actions
      • Does not require expert knowledge and is easy to learn


    • Faster registrations and quick access to information
    • Import the entire group or portfolio with a list of organization numbers
    • Even in groups with only wholly owned subsidiaries, there is a complexity in the fact that there are many companies

    But it is not just a digital share register that you get for all the subsidiaries, but you can easily expand to NVR’s entire product range, from digital share registers to capital raising services and digital solutions for incentive programs.

    From as little as SEK 500 / month, your group can already start digitizing all subsidiaries and associated companies.

    A digital share ledger helps compliance