Price list

Detailed price list over NVR’s subscriptions and services

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Digital share ledger (Freemium):

All companies with fewer than 4 shareholders can use our freemium service. This is a simpler version of NVR that is completely free.

NVR:s Digital share ledger (Premium):

An annual subscription fee is paid per affiliated limited company and any additional service, as stated below. The fee includes access to technical support in accordance with what is specified in the general terms and conditions for subscribing to NVR’s system service for share register administration.

Max 3 pcs Freemium Free (limited functionality)
Max 3 pcs Premium 79 SEK
Max 20 pcs Premium 199 SEK
Max 50 pcs Premium 399 SEK
Max 100 pcs Premium 599 SEK
Full service Professional 899 SEK
Extra administrator 0 SEK/month (requires full service)
Extra observer 0 SEK/month (Free)
VPZ custody account to all owners 0 SEK/month (Free)

(NVR administrates the share ledger for the client)

  • Base level SEK 1000 / month – includes  30 min / month time bank. Additional registration variable as below.
  • Individually adapted service level, according to the quote.
Registrations, knowledge support and simpler consulting services 1 450 SEK/h (minimum 15 min)
Registrations are charged at 3 minutes per share item and new shareholder
Consulting, analysis and advanced consulting services, e.g. reconstructions 1 950 SEK/h (minimum 15 min)
Training and lectures 14 000 SEK/lecture
Options book and other derivative books
  • 6 950 SEK for the first derivative book
  • 3 000 SEK for additional books, for full-time service at or Bureau customer.
  • From SEK 200 per per subscriber (targeted campaign)
  • From SEK 200 per subscriber (targeted campaign)
Bureau Service From 500 SEK/month
Company Group Service From 500 SEK/month
AudiThor Freemium
DirectThor Freemium

Additional fees:

Invoice fee of SEK 35 per invoice will be added to all invoices. Statutory reminder fee of SEK 60 is automatically imposed if the invoice is not paid within 30 days credit time. In addition, interest on arrears is charged at 2 percent per month. If the customer company fails to pay the invoice despite a reminder, collection fees will be charged.

Trial period:

The customer has the right to use the basic functionality of the service for 30 days free of charge. After that, the customer must choose to sign up for a subscription to use the service. Customers with 1-3 shareholders have an opportunity to choose to use NVR for free, with limited functionality. This period ends when the number of shareholders exceeds 3, or alternatively when the customer chooses to subscribe to a real subscription. Should a customer with more than 3 shareholders refrain from signing a subscription after the end of the trial period, the connection of the company is considered terminated and the customer does not have access to the service after the end of the trial period. Offer of free trial period can only be used once per customer (limited company). In the event that the customer’s subscription terminates and the customer after a shorter or longer period subscribes to a new subscription, a fee is paid from the day the reconnection takes place.

All prices above are stated excluding VAT and are charged in SEK.

Do you have any questions?

There are descriptions on NVR’s website so that you can reconstruct the history in your company’s share register if necessary. Read more here.

If you want to hire NVR for help with reconstruction and registration, we are happy to help. Contact us via e-mail: or via the form.