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Ledger accounting

Do you want help keeping a share register?

Either you can hire us to do the work, or we can recommend a law firm or accounting firm near you. But if you choose us, you are more than welcome and we promise to help you as soon as possible to the best of our ability.

This is how it would go:

In addition to regular service, a Customer to NVR may choose to have NVR continuously register changes in the Customer’s share register, ie register the changes that the Customer notifies NVR. The Customer and NVR enter into an agreement on this additional service by the Customer giving NVR this assignment in accordance with NVR’s ordinary price list, and that NVR agrees to perform the assignment. This mutual acceptance can take place via e-mail correspondence.

Ongoing process

The Customer appoints one or more persons who are the exclusive channel for communication between the Customer and NVR about the Customer’s share register and its contents. It is thus only at the direct request of this person / persons that NVR registers changes in the share register.

These persons must also have their own personal login information (so-called observer right) to the NVR service, so that they can continuously check that NVR books the changes that NVR has been instructed to register. This is central for the Customer to be able to fulfill its responsibility in accordance with the Swedish Companies Act.

Regardless of whether the Customer’s CEO and / or Chairman of the Board has been named as the exclusive channel for communication between the Customer and NVR, these persons always have the right to give NVR instructions on registering changes in the Customer’s share register. The customer’s CEO and Chairman of the Board should have their own personal login information for the NVR service.

Shareholders and external stakeholders

All communication about the share register and its contents to and from shareholders or any other external stakeholders shall take place via the Customer. For example. If NVR is contacted by shareholders who wish to notify a share transfer, he shall be referred to the Customer. Or if NVR is contacted by a shareholder or other person to access the share register, he or she must, in the same way, be referred to the Customer.


Termination of this additional service takes place by written notice via e-mail, with a mutual notice period of one (1) calendar month.

Consultancy services

Can we help you with something?

You can of course also hire us for consulting assignments, such as:

  • help reconstructing stock book history
  • answers to questions that start with what, how or where
  • register extensive changes or
  • for training opportunities

If you feel that there is something you want help with, do not hesitate to contact us via

Priority support

Included in all services, technical support via e-mail is included, where you e.g. draws our attention to the fact that one of our functions does not work as intended.

If you want help faster, you can sign up for an additional service for priority support by phone. Then we can also help you with questions that start with: how, when, where.

Without this additional agreement, other customers are referred to the descriptive text on the website, or alternatively to our consulting services, see above.

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